Online Platforms For NEET Coaching


Online coaching platforms for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility and accessibility. Here are some of the best online platforms that offer NEET coaching:

  1. Byju's:

    • Provides comprehensive video lessons, practice tests, and live classes.
    • Offers personalized learning experiences and doubt-solving sessions.
  2. Unacademy:

    • Features live classes by top educators, recorded sessions, and interactive quizzes.
    • Offers structured courses and mock tests tailored for NEET preparation.
  3. Aakash iTutor:

    • Known for its high-quality video lectures, eBooks, and practice tests.
    • Provides a combination of recorded and live sessions with experienced faculty.
  4. Vedantu:

    • Offers live online classes, doubt-solving sessions, and personalized mentoring.
    • Provides study materials, test series, and interactive quizzes.
  5. Toppr:

    • Features personalized learning plans, video lectures, and adaptive practice tests.
    • Offers live classes and a vast question bank for extensive practice.
  6. Career Point:

    • Provides live and recorded classes, study materials, and test series.
    • Offers a structured NEET coaching program with experienced teachers.
  7. Allen Digital:

    • Offers comprehensive study materials, live classes, and test series.
    • Known for its detailed course content and experienced faculty.
  8. Extramarks:

    • Provides interactive video lessons, practice tests, and live classes.
    • Offers a personalized learning experience with progress tracking.
  9. Embibe:

    • Features AI-powered learning and personalized feedback.
    • Offers video lectures, practice questions, and mock tests tailored for NEET.
  10. Khan Academy:

    • Provides free high-quality video lessons and practice exercises.
    • Covers a wide range of topics relevant to the NEET syllabus.

These platforms offer various resources, including video lectures, live classes, doubt-solving sessions, mock tests, and personalized mentoring, making it easier for students to prepare for the NEET exam from the comfort of their homes.




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