Indian Cricket Selection Rules Under 19


The selection of players for the Indian Under-19 cricket team is governed by specific rules and guidelines set by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Here are the main points regarding the selection process:

1. Eligibility Criteria

  • Age Limit: Players must be under 19 years of age as of September 1st of the year preceding the tournament.
  • Residency: Players must be Indian citizens and residents.
  • Past Participation: Players who have played in two ICC U19 Cricket World Cups are not eligible for selection again.

2. Performance in Domestic Tournaments

  • Domestic Leagues: Performance in domestic cricket tournaments such as the Vinoo Mankad Trophy (U-19 One Day Limited Overs Competition), Cooch Behar Trophy (U-19 Multi-Day Competition), and the Vinoo Mankad Trophy (U-19 ODI Tournament) is crucial.
  • Zonal Tournaments: Players also participate in zonal tournaments like the Challenger Trophy, where top performers from domestic leagues compete.

3. Selection Camps and Trials

  • Selection Camps: The BCCI conducts selection camps and trials where players are evaluated based on their skills, fitness, and overall performance.
  • Specialized Training: Selected players may undergo specialized training camps for skill enhancement and physical conditioning.

4. Selectors and Selection Committee

  • Selection Committee: The BCCI's Junior Selection Committee, comprising former cricketers and experts, is responsible for selecting the squad.
  • Talent Scouts: BCCI employs talent scouts to identify promising players during domestic tournaments and school-level competitions.

5. Medical and Fitness Tests

  • Fitness Standards: Players must pass rigorous fitness and medical tests to ensure they meet the physical demands of international cricket.
  • Injury Management: Proper injury management protocols are in place to monitor and assist players with injuries.

6. Performance in International Tours

  • Overseas Tours: Players' performances during overseas tours and bilateral series are also taken into consideration for selection.
  • Consistency: Consistency in performance across various formats and conditions is a key criterion.

7. Disciplinary Records

  • Conduct: Players are expected to maintain high standards of discipline and conduct both on and off the field.
  • Code of Conduct: Any breaches of the BCCI's code of conduct can impact a player's selection prospects.

8. Development Programs

  • NCA Programs: Participation in National Cricket Academy (NCA) development programs can enhance a player's chances of selection.
  • Mentorship: Young cricketers receive mentorship and guidance from former players and coaches.


The selection process for the Indian Under-19 cricket team is comprehensive and multi-faceted, focusing on age eligibility, performance in domestic and international tournaments, fitness, and conduct. By adhering to these guidelines, the BCCI aims to identify and nurture the best young talent to represent India at the Under-19 level. 



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